Congratulations Michael!

Dr. Cunningham has earned a Canadian Academy of Engineering Fellowship for his critical research. Congratulations!
He was among 50 people to receive the fellowship this year across Canada. Here is an excerpt from The Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE):
“Michael Cunningham is a Chemical Engineering Professor at Queen’s University and FCIC. An internationally recognized authority on sustainable polymer manufacturing, his patented processes are used industrially. His innovative approaches have contributed to producing materials using water-based, rather than solvent-based processes, and creating novel bio-sourced materials. Dr. Cunningham collaborates and consults extensively with industry, and for 15 years has taught industry courses in North America and Europe. His award-winning Green Chemistry/Engineering work has important societal, economic and environmental implications, and he has been recognized nationally and internationally. In 2018 he was among the top 5% cited authors in all RSC journals.”
To read more about the honour, please read the Queen’s Gazette article here.
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